The Goodness of Ending Days

Your Last Day On Earth


When there is a world crisis, many will say that these are the ending days.  Did you know people have been saying that for about 2,000 years now?  Ever since the first coming of Jesus.. since He rose from the dead..

According to scientists, it is estimated that the bubonic plague has killed over 200 million people.. Remember the Spanish Flu? According to Wikipedia ~ from January 1918 to December 1920 ~  500 million people were infected.. That was about a quarter of the worlds population at the time.  It is known as the deadliest pandemic of all time.  Well guys, we are still here.

You may hear people repeating that the world must get worse and worse.. so that Jesus will come.  How does that make anything better?  Many of us have experienced someone trying to evangelize.. in a spirit that brings fear and anxiety.. to accept the Lord…

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