NV Peale:Just sharing some of my notes from the book Inspiring Messages for Daily Living)

The Link (Overlap) Between Mind and Spirit

Peale Power of Positive Living

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Just sharing some of  my notes from the book Inspiring Messages for Daily Living by Dr Norman Vincent Peale


(This “non-techno” is testing/ practicing with Google drive)


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Submitter’s Note:

Sharing these thoughts in point form from my notes taken many years ago (whilst in a deep valley of despair at my shattered life) from Dr Peale’s excellent and inspiring book. I found them on an old usb drive, so am learning about posting and sharing on Google Drive

This is a quick first draft, which still needs to be checked, proof-read and edited (which I will do in due course). In the meantime, I’ll post on a  few WordPress blogs in which I share a bit about my faith journey.

Dr NV Peale’s book and his words of wisdom greatly encouraged, nourished and uplifted…

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